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This is a crowdsourced distributed cluster of Image generation workers and text generation workers. If you like this service, consider joining the horde yourself!

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First Register an account which will generate for you an API key. Store that key somewhere.


Command Line

  1. Git clone this repository
  2. Make sure you have python3 installed
  3. Open a git bash (or just bash in linux)
  4. Download the cli requirements with python -m pip install -r cli_requirements.txt --user
  5. Run ./

You can use ./ -h to see the command line arguments to use

You can make a copy of into and edit it, to use common variables for your generations. Command line arguments will always take precedence over so you can use them to tweak your generations slightly.



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If you are developing a paid or ad-based integration with the Stable Horde, we request that you use part of your profits to support the horde. If your app is solely reliant on the volunteer resources of the horde, we expect at least 50% of those should go to supporting the horde itself, preferrably by onboarding your own workers. If the horde is merely an option among many, we suggest you assign some workers to the horde depending on how much it's being utilized by your client base.




These are the people who made this software possible.

And of course, everyone contributing their SD to the horde!

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